They cried to You and were saved; in You they trusted and were not disappointed. - Psalms 22:5
God's Miracle of Sebastian

The Book: Sebastian's Story in a Nutshell

What the world renowned doctors
said about Sebastian for over four months:

He would not live
He had a zero percent chance
If born he would live only minutes at most

What actually happened:

Sebastian was born alive
Sebastian thrives

Chronology of events

• March 9Parents find they are pregnant with their second child, who is given zero percent chance for life
• March 10-30Specialists contacted and met with, researchers help, details of horror of situation given to parents
• March 31Mom rushed to hospital to have pregnancy terminated because of dangers to her; young dark haired resident sits by her bedside and gives details
• April 1After almost 24 hours of painful deliberation and prayer, parents decide not to terminate and leave hospital
• April 3Discovery of pioneering surgery by doctor at NYU who repairs tears in sac and doctor is contacted
• April 9Parents and brother and Little One go to NYC
• April 10parents meet with NYU doctor
• April 12Doctor thinks he has repaired sac. By 5PM much leakage occurs.
• April 13Parents leave hospital – nothing can be done...Maundy Thursday
• April 14In spite of devastating news and failed repair,parents shop for maternity clothes in NYC; attend Good Friday service
• April 15Take train back to DC
• April 18Dad discovers website for PROM ladies; parents begin regimen suggested by those who have gone before
• MayDismal news continues from doctors
• June 26Mom rushed to hospital with bleeding; she remains for twenty four hours
• July 7Mom rushed to hospital once more in morning; home by evening
• July 14mom rushed to hospital once more – she is admitted
• July 22Labor begins
• July 23Sebastian is born and baptized...twelve doctors are in the room...young dark haired resident of March 31 hospital visit delivers God's miracle!
• July 24 - Aug 16Sebastian remains in NICU
• Aug 16 - Oct 26Sebastian remains in step down hospital
• October 26Sebastian goes home
• Nov-MaySome returns to hospital, much therapy, much joy
• July 23, 2007Sebastian has first birthday!

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Baby Sebastian
Baby Sebastian

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