They cried to You and were saved; in You they trusted and were not disappointed. - Psalms 22:5
God's Miracle of Sebastian

The Book

The following are excerpts from God's Miracle of Sebstian. We invite you to read the entire book in digital PDF format, or contact us to purchase a copy for $14 plus shipping and handling. All proceeds go to furthering God's work.

Read Sebastian's story in a nutshell.

Susan Ison is one of Sebastian's grandmothers. She and her husband adore him, their other grandchildren and the parents of all these Little Ones more than they will ever know. She has written this book to give glory to her Lord who performed this miracle, to educate and inspire others who have been told there is no hope, and to pay tribute to Sebastian, his parents and brother, and to all those who fought the good fight for Little One's life.

"Mom," he said that March afternoon, "I only have a minute. We went to the doctor and Taylor is twelve weeks pregnant. But there are serious problems."

"The baby may have no kidneys. He may only have one. They see renal arteries that may lead to nothing. Taylor has little amniotic fluid. It is essential for the baby's lungs to develop. The doctors have told us horror stories of what to expect."

But for the overwhelming pain in our eldest son's voice, disbelief would have been my immediate response. It is one thing when you have a painful thing occur in your own life, but when it happens to your child, no matter how old he is, it rips at your soul. And you just want to make it all ok.

This sixth grandchild we had prayed to be conceived was now growing in his mother's womb.

As I sat in the corner of her dimly lit hospital room late that night, I listened as the young dark haired resident leaned over her bed and gave her all the horrific details of how they would end this precious little life, this little person who we had just seen a few hours earlier moving about so freely, so happily.

We awoke to a beautiful Easter morning, signs of life and hope bursting everywhere.

We still have hope and pray that the amniotic sac may heal itself – 50% chance 7-10 days after the procedure. We still have hope and we pray that another doctor somewhere may help. We still have hope and we pray that our Almighty God, our God who has defeated death, will perform a miracle.

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Baby Sebastian
Baby Sebastian

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